Chris Cramers 2003 LTZ400


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When we were in the process of designing and engineering new products for the Suzuki Z400 and KFX400, we came to Chris to help us in testing. Chris is currently running our: Coolant Guard, Rear Master Guard, Rear Caliper Guard, Foot Peg Extensions, and our LED Tail Light kit. All of the HEP Guard's are Powder Coated in "Super Mirror Blue"

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Complete list of upgrades

2003 Z400
Powdercoated Super Mirror Orange Frame
Powdercoated Super Mirror Blue Engine mounts, shifter, rear brake pedal,
steering stem, pegs, cable holder that bolts to steering stem and, battery holder
Elka Triple Rate SSD Piggy Back rezzie Fronts
Super Mirrior Blue Burgard +1 A-arms
Streamline +2 Stainless Steel Brake lines
Kenda Klaw XCF 22x7x10
Maxxis Razr 20x11x9
Elka Dual Rate SSD Rear
Streamline +1 Stainless Steel Brake line
Woodward Specialties Stainless Steel Swing Arm Bolt
Moose Parking Break Block Off
Suzuki Belly, shock and, swing-arm skid plates
Feather Carbon Orange Frame Guards
Suzuki Nerfs
Pro-Circuit T-4 Full Exhaust
Alba Intake Adapter
KN air filter
Carb Mounted Choke
Hot Cams Intake Cam
IMS Front Bumper
IMS 4.0 Fuel Tank
Pro Design Kill Switch
TrailTech Clamp
TrailTech X-Bars Powdercoated Super Mirror Blue
Factory 909 Grips
HEP Products consist of Powdercoated Super Mirror Blue Coolant Reservoir
Gaurd, Rear Caliper Guard, Rear Master Cylinder Guard and Replacement
Warning Labels

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